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Keep Preservation Programs in the Transportation Bill

AIACongress is currently debating legislation to reform federal transportation laws, and unless they hear from us, there is a chance that historic preservation programs will be eliminated.

Some members of Congress have proposed eliminating the Transportation Enhancement program, which enables states and communities to use a small portion of their federal transportation dollars on projects such as the preservation of historic transportation facilities, rehabilitation and operation of historic transportation buildings, and the preservation of abandoned railway corridors for use as pedestrian or bicycle trails.

Eliminating the Transportation Enhancement program will not save a dime of taxpayer money, as the funds will be shifted to roadbuilding or other purposes, but it would end a successful program that saves historic spaces, enhances communities, and creates jobs.

The AIA is working with a broad coalition to maintain Congressional support for these programs. Please act now to tell Congress not to eliminate these programs. For more information on Transportation Enhancement programs, click here.
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Paul Mendelsohn, Assoc. AIA
Vice President, Government and Community Relations

Take Action and Get Involved

AIA Convention Speakers to AIA members – Take Action and Get Involved

Perhaps due to its location, the 2012 AIA National Convention and Design Exposition, held last week in Washington DC, seemed to particularly emphasize advocacy and the ability of architects to speak out on behalf of their profession.

Members of the AIA who attended convention this year heard a rallying call from some of our nation’s leaders for architects to engage our federal government and policymakers. In their keynote speeches and various briefings, they highlighted the value that architects add, particularly to discussions on those issues that are the most relevant to our industry. They made it clear that the people in positions of power need to hear from us on the issues that concern architects the most.

Now is the time to engage our leaders. Go to our action center by clicking below and send a message to Congress on one (or all) of these issues that are affecting architects today:

Sec. 433 of EISA- Federal 2030 targets: Tell Congress that weakening or eliminating 2030 targets will harm the federal government’s ability to design and build facilities that use less energy and protect the environment. For the AIA issue brief on 2030 for Federal Buildings click here.  Take action click here.

H.R. 1365- Capital Access for Main Street Act: Tell Congress to create stability in the economy and promote growth in the private sector by freeing up capital to finance worthy projects. For more information on AIA’s efforts to remove barriers to private lending click here.  Take action on the Capital Access for Main Street Act click here.

H.R. 3987- The Small Business Protection Act of 2012: Tell Congress to safeguard the interests of small businesses by ensuring that the SBA size standards reflect an industry’s unique demographics.  For more information on SBA size standards click here.  To take action on the Small Business Protection Act click here.

Student Loan Debt Relief for Architects: Tweet your Representatives and tell them to support student loan aid for architects who do pro bono and non-profit work.  For more information click here.  To see if your representative and senators are on twitter, click here.

It is no coincidence that some of the most powerful policymakers in Washington, DC called on architects to engage their leaders. It is a testament to the insight and knowledge that architects can provide to those crafting the laws that affect our industry and nation. Please take the time to voice your position today.



Paul Mendelsohn, Assoc. AIA

Vice President, Government and Community Relations