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Architecture Week 2017 applauds great architecture! The Unitarian Church in Summit, by ikon.5 architects, wins an AIA NJ Merit Award in the unbuilt category.

red_eagleUnitarian Church Expansion, Summit, New Jersey
ikon5 unitarian church.jpg
The Unitarian congregation of Summit New Jersey currently gathers in a small neo-classical chapel on a downtown corner lot. Confronted with the need and desire to have all congregates gather together at one service, they embarked on an expansion project to create a new 400 person sanctuary on an adjacent lot. Inspired by the primordial natural world, upon which the principals of Unitarian Universalism is based, we designed a new sanctuary and fellowship hall as a metaphor for the landscape. Like a clearing in the wilderness set beneath an ephemeral sky, the walls, ceiling and floor are re-creations of
the sky, the forest and the earth and their materials convey associations to their landscape metaphor. Chief among these materials are hand crafted cast aluminum panels that enclose the sanctuary. The surface of these panels are textured with
irregular concave and convex patterns that reflect and diffuse sunlight filtering from an oculus above and thus changing appearance with the sunlight throughout the course of the day. A contemplation garden surrounds the sanctuary on this urban site. Along the main street, a new glass façade with white ceramic coating creates a veil-like appearance that is warm and welcoming to the community, yet still allows for some privacy.


Architecture Week 2017 applauds great architecture! Olympic Archery Park by ikon.5 wins an AIA NJ Merit Award in the unbuilt category

archery 5

red_eagleOlympic Archery Park, Clinton, New Jersey
archery ikon5.jpg
Sitting in a bucolic sloping meadow of native tall grasses and stands of black walnuts, Archery Park is a rusting rural shed nestled within old growth landscape of northwest New Jersey to house an indoor Olympic Archery training facility. To mitigate its large 70 meter footprint on this natural site, the building has been carefully integrated with the
topography. Exposed concrete walls of the indoor range retain the sloping land and create a level meadow to the north for an outdoor competition range and a flat grade below for the indoor range.
archery 4
The natural slope of the site gently rolls around the indoor range and establishes a landscaped entry court of river birch trees and native grasses. Rough-hewn concrete, regional field stone and corten steel panels harmoniously unite the structure to its natural surroundings. The corten roof overhang, screens and panels allow the sun, over the course of the day, to cast dramatic shadows on the building thus further integrating the structure to its natural condition. Perforated openings in the rusting steel panels sign the function of the building from the adjacent roadway. In
addition to the Olympic-sized indoor training range, the facility houses offices, classrooms and support facilities for archery and hunter education.
archery 3