Healthcare and Small Firms- how will you be affected?

Submitted by: Justin A. Mihalik, AIA, Membership Chairperson

This past Grassroots in Washington, D.C., I spent some time with the folks from AIA Trust specifically to talk about what options Trust has for members as it relates to healthcare.  Recently, members have talked to me about the importance of access to healthcare through AIA being a “value” to members.  As a small business owner myself I fully understand this.  For many years, members of AIA and AIANJ have lobbied on behalf of its members, for legislation that would allow the AIA to offer group healthcare plans to its members.  Although the House approved the Bill to make this happen on more than one occassion, the Senate never took vote on it because the administrations had been working on a healthcare package for the Senate to approve, which never happened.  Therefore, AIA and many other national trade organizations like AIA, cannot offer the plans as a group.  With that said, there are options through AIA Trust and a wealth of information for firms to understand how the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) will affect them.  You can find this information at

As an AIA member, there are many benefits that come with your membership including access to discounted Professional Liability/Risk Management, Life Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, and even Travel Assistance, all through AIA Trust.  Please visit their website to take a look at all of these offers.


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