Membership Renewal time…what are your options?

red_eagleby Justin A. Mihalik, AIA, Membership Chair 2014

Once again it is that time of year to renew our AIA membership. In my opinion, one of the most valuable assets to have as an Architect, so of course, I renewed just after the new year to get that first business expense!  We at AIANJ are here to serve our members in any way we can to help you get the most out of your membership.  By now you should have received three reminders via email from National for renewal.  In order to renew your membership, all you need to do is follow the link in the email, or click the link here,, which will direct you to the AIA website and provide you with directions on renewing.  We understand that there are still members who may be unemployed or just finding it hard to make ends meet due to the economy.  AIA has options so that you can keep your membership in good standing and those options are the following: to enroll in the Dues Installment Plan or to request a waiver due to a financial hardship. In order to request a waiver, please contact Kelly Biddle with Membership Services at AIANJ at 609-393-5690, and she will be happy to assist you with the process.  For those members that have reached the age of 70, you may qualify for Emeritus status, which is free.  Please contact Kelly Biddle to find out if you qualify.

The AIA has been hard at work for all its members and here is a link to an update of what they have been accomplishing

Personally, I am in my 14th year of membership, and have been actively involved in the organization for 10 of those years.  I can guarantee you that if you want the most out of your membership, get involved at your local Chapter.  For me it has helped me become more aware of the issues that affect the profession here in NJ as well as nationally, and more importantly it has afforded me the opportunity to make a difference!



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