2013 Presidents Message – January

purvis_2013On January 5, 2013, I, along with my fellow officers, was sworn in as the Leaders of AIA- NJ for the year 2013.  I could not ask for a better group of dedicated volunteers.

The presidency position requires a five year commitment.  I am currently in my fourth, and hope to continue in the high standards of those who have preceded me.

My goals for the year are that of the AIA New Jersey Mission Statement:

AIA New Jersey Supports its Members and Promotes the Public’s Understanding of Architecture through Advocacy, Education and Service.

Having lived most of my life in southern Monmouth County, I see the devastation caused by Super Storm Sandy.  It is still hard to understand the long term effects. I have attended a number of programs, with Engineers, FEMA, house lifters, State and town representatives. There are still a lot of unknown factors. One example is the preliminary flood zone changes and their effect on the renovation of homes and businesses. A flood zone change can require a change in the foundation type from a standard masonry foundation with water vents to a deep foundation that requires pilings, recovery will be a long term process.  As president of AIA-NJ I will do everything I can to get the information our members need to assist their clients in rebuilding.

The American Institute of Architects made a contribution of $37,500 to AIA-NJ to help with Sandy Recovery. At our Board of Trustees meeting of January 15 a task force was established to develop programs for distributing the funds. We are looking for suggestions from our membership. Please forward any ideas to [email protected] subject line: Sandy Relief Program.

This is shaping up to be a busy year. We will be offering a number of programs at the state level and promoting programs at the Sections.   An organization like ours is as only as great as its members and their participation.  When you do attend a program, bring an intern with you.   I look forward to meeting you there.

– Jack Purvis, AIA, LEEDap

2013 AIA-NJ President



Below is a partial list of AIA events coming up over the next few months,
if you are interested in attending any event please reach out to AIA-NJ for more information.




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