Canstruction 2011 – Looking for Teams

A reminder for those who would like to contribute to the competition!

Call for Entries!
For further details, click here.

Added incentives:
– Goya has been generous enough to offer donating ALL cans to one team! If interested, send Call for Entries form and entry fee check, as well as schematic sketch and/or description of your sculpture to the Canstruction Committee Chair by August 30. The recipient will be chosen shortly thereafter.
– Goya will also allow teams to buy cans at discounted price. Again, if interested or for further information, contact the Canstruction Committee Chair.

Sponsorship Initiative
If you’re interested in sponsorship of the event, click here for to view the Sponsorship Initiative information. All cans and monies contributed will ultimately go to the Community Food Bank of NJ to help feed the homeless.
Your generous contributions are greatly appreciated not only from AIA Newark & Suburban, but from the Community at large who needs your help!

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  • catherine  On August 9, 2011 at 5:13 pm

    This all happened because Cheri had a dream. She worked with me many years ago and started this with a few firms. Now it has morphed into something bigger then she could have imagined. Thanks Cheri even though you are gone in body not in spirit.

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