Emerging Professional’s Companion

The Emerging Professional’s Companion (EPC) is a tool offered by NCARB to assist interns to earn IDP training unit outside of the office environment.  Interns complete learning activities for IDP training units.  This allows interns who may have lost their job to continue making progress towards licensure.  This is also useful for interns whose office may not work in a particular area, who may have difficulty getting training units in one of the categories.  Even for interns working in a firm able to offer them experience in all of the categories, using the EPC can help the intern to complete IDP in an accelerated time frame.   NCARB offers the EPC to give more flexibility to the IDP program.

To use the EPC, go to http://www.epcompanion.org/ and follow the activities under the tabs for Design & Construction Documents, Construction Administration, Management, and Related Activities, which correspond to the IDP training categories.  After completing exercises, interns can then record the training units in the experience verification reporting system (EVR) in their NCARB record online, under the supplementary education tab.  Interns can earn a maximum of 225 training units, including both minimum (core) training units as well as supplementary education.

For more information on IDP, contact the New Jersey IDP Coordinator, Nicole DeCandia, at decandia‐[email protected]

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