ISRAEL: An Architect’s View of 2000 Years of Structure & Design

Shalom, Salam and Welcome Friends!!

As a kid, I was taught NEVER mix POLITICS or RELIGION with work…….WELL HERE IS THE OPPORTUNITY to not only mix a phenomenal work experience with Politics and Religion BUT to earn Continuing Education Credits in the process.

This is a Once in a Lifetime Travel Experience:

ISRAEL: An Architect’s View of 2000 Years of Structure & Design

This tour will be personally escorted by me. The meetings with renowned architects like Moshe Safdie, Haim Dotan and David Reznik, among others, have all been pre-arranged and the sightseeing experience with a fully qualified English speaking guide will be incredible.

How good does Sustainable Design get when there are theaters and buildings in use for almost 2000 years???

The space is limited, so make your plans to join us now and spend spring time in Jerusalem, truly one of the most beautiful and intriguing cities of the world.

Find out more information:

Contact me for additional information and register very soon and remember to let you members know about this program! They will thank you.

Shalom, I hope to see you in Israel this spring

J. Laura Green
Program & Membership Director
268 South State Street Suite 190
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

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