Carnegie Center West exceeds sustainability target for Princeton mixed-use development

Carnegie West in West WIndsor, NJ

Carnegie Center West, a 103-acre mixed-use development in West Windsor, has earned LEED-NC Gold Certification from the US Green Building Council. KlingStubbins served as base building architect on the project for Boston Properties, Inc., to be occupied by Princeton University. Torcon, Inc., served as the construction team.

The project surpassed the initial target of LEED Silver Certification, achieving 39 points and earning Gold, including water savings of over 40%, recycled content of 25%, construction waste diversion of over 77%, and energy savings of over 18%, exceeding the ASHRAE 90.1-2004 baseline and out-performing most conventional developer models that are less concerned with long-term payback costs in an effort to minimize first costs. To achieve its sustainability goals, the project employed the following strategies:
– Redevelopment of a brownfield site (a previously developed commercial / industrial area) that required the remediation of hazardous materials
– Provision of alternative transportation such as low-emitting and fuel efficient vehicles representing 5% of the total onsite parking
– Reduction and filtration of stormwater runoff
– Native, drought-resistant plant species around the building to prevent the need for permanent irrigation
– Cool roof membrane for the building to reduce the heat island effect
– Installation of low-flow water closets, waterless urinals, low-flow lavatories, and low-flow showers.
– Improved thermal envelope and high efficiency glazing
– Use of occupancy sensors and reduction of lighting power density
– High efficiency HVAC systems / equipment
– Controlled outdoor air quantities through CO2 demand control ventilation
– Open office plans provide daylight to 75% of spaces
– Enhanced commissioning process to verify that the building is operating as designed
– Implementation of a green housekeeping program and indoor integrated pest management

Micky Landis, Senior Vice President and Regional Manager for Boston Properties, believes that this is the first LEED Gold building to be completed in West Windsor Township. Mr. Landis goes on to say that, “while Boston Properties has designed and constructed other LEED Gold buildings, this project may be the first suburban building in the company’s portfolio to achieve LEED Gold Certification for the entire building, not solely core and shell base building elements.“

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  • Jerome Morley Larson Sr EAIA  On November 24, 2010 at 2:43 pm

    there are 168 hours in a week – this building is in use 40 hours a week 40/168 = 23.8% -so for 76.2% of that time all that effort is wasted -0h yeah – THAT’S SUSTAINABLE!!!!

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