Candidates for 2011 AIA-NJ Offices

All members of AIA-NJ are invited to attend the AIA-NJ Candidates Night Presentations on Tuesday May 18th 6PM, at the offices of Clarke Caton Hintz in the Masonic Temple, 100 Barrack Street, Trenton, NJ 08608. Please RSVP to Lori Lee at [email protected] so that adequate seating will be available.

There is a contest for President Elect, with Joyce Raspa, AIA, Esq. and Laurence Parisi, AIA both running for the position. Please read their statements at

The uncontested slate of officers 2011 are:

First Vice President Jack Purvis, AIA
Second Vice President Kimberly Bunn, AIA
Treasurer Justin Mihalik, AIA
Regional Associate Director Clair Wholean, Associate AIA
Regional Director Jerome Leslie Eben, AIA

Officers who automatically move on to the next position include:

President Michael Hanrahan, AIA
Past President Jason Kliwinski, AIA

Officers completing an unexpired term include:

Secretary Kurt Kalafsky, AIA

Uncontested offices will have a single vote cast by the AIA-NJ secretary on Tuesday May 18th.

The election for President Elect will take place from June 11 – June 25, by electronic vote. Details to follow.

For more information or with questions, please contact AIA-NJ Nominations Chair Stacey Ruhle Kliesch, AIA at [email protected]

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