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Lewis S. Goodfriend & Associates Continues as an AIA/CES Provider

A new presentation entitled “Acoustical Designs of Sustainable Schools”

WHIPPANY, N.J., OCT. 26, 2009 – Lewis S. Goodfriend & Associates (LSG&A), one of the top acoustical engineering firms in the country, is pleased to announce that the firm continues as an AIA/CES Registered Provider with a new presentation entitled “Acoustical Designs of Sustainable Schools”.

“The Sustainable Design is a new requirement for AIA and our version of the presentation is designed to cover Health Safety and Welfare (HSW) and sustainable design in addition to offering 1 CEU credit for one hour of class time,” said Matthew T. Murello, P.E., president of Lewis S. Goodfriend & Associates. “We have seen a definite demand for this particular class as I have already given the presentation over two dozen times to New York and New Jersey architects and I am currently scheduled for 10 more upcoming classes in Pennsylvania. We just want to get the word out there that we are ready for those who are interested in this topic.”
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Draft of IGCC Green Code

Version 3 of the IGCC (International Green Construction Cose) Draft has been posted on the green codes website. This Version 3 will be the new base document for consideration of changes which will occur at the next SBTC meeting (Mtg #4) on December 15 – 17, 2009 in Bonita Springs, FL. Here’s the link:
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This Week in Trenton prepared by PSI

Monday, October 19, 2009

Gubernatorial Race Update
A New York Times Poll that was released today shows Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine leading Republican Chris Christie 40-37% while independent Christopher Daggett is at 14%.  Corzine’s lead over Christie is within the poll’s margin of error.  Despite Corzine’s lead among registered voters, his favorability ratings are more upside-down than in most other independent polls.  Only 30% of voters have a favorable opinion of him, compared to 46% who view him unfavorably.  Christie is also upside down, though 41% of respondents had no opinion of him.  He is viewed favorably by 19% and unfavorably by 37%.   Eight in 10 voters have no opinion of Daggett. Among all registered voters, Corzine’s lead is more dramatic and beyond the margin of error, at 40% to Christie’s 30% and Daggett’s 13%.
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Beyond Green – Call for Entries

Along with our sponsors, SBIC is proud to announce the 2009 Beyond Green High-Performance Building Awards. This unique program recognizes the initiatives that shape, inform and catalyze the high-performance building market, as well as the real-world application of high-performance design and construction practices.
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