AIA Contract Documents the Industry Standard

For more than 120 years, AIA Contract Documents has been the mainstay of the construction industry featuring a comprehensive suite of contractual documents that address the full spectrum of design and construction projects, large and small.

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We are the proven standard to count on:

  • We offer the industry’s most widely accepted contract documents 90% of contractors, architects, lawyers and owners surveyed agree 90% also said this was an important consideration in selecting contract docs 8 out of 10  claim to use AIA documents
  • We are the ‘thought leaders’ in development of new contract documents with 100+ years of innovative thinking from the industry’s sharpest minds
  • ACD are fair and balanced, reviewed by industry stakeholders + experts for input.  Drafted with input from contractors, architects, major insurers, AGC, and ACCL.  The majority of contractors and owners agree that they are fair and balanced for all
  • ACD are time tested – backed by over 100 years of case law
  • ACD reflect the latest industry trends with well publicized updates (no hidden change)
  • Most extensive library of agreements and forms (over 100)

We deliver a better product:

  • Easy-to use software enables you to create, edit, manage, and store documents 
  1. Library selection gives you access to the complete collection of documents right at your fingers 
  2. Simple tools help you auto-populate standard contract details 
  3. Open sharing with anyone who has Microsoft® Word and Excel saves time in reviews
  4. Microsoft “Track Changes” tool automatically identifies changes, who made them, and comments
  5. Streamlined process saves you time and money


  • Expert educational resources available to understand document and software
  1. Regularly updated webinars, podcasts, video tutorials available online 
  2. Resources integrated with software interface  
  • Highly experienced and dedicated AIA Contract Document support

  1. Dedicated content advice and technical software support 
  2. Readily accessible via phone, e-mail, online tutorials, and extensive interactive knowledge base 
  3. Speed-to-answer call rates 40% better than the industry average



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